Quality Assurance

Quality is what matters the most when it comes to a product which is highly involved with your safety. We have captured the market by manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of products for our revered clientele. Our products are exceptional in quality and durability. Quality exists at every level of production. Right from the procurement of raw materials till the testing of the finished product; quality is considered supreme at our tyre manufacturing company based at Jalandhar. Procurement of raw materials is done from reliable vendors, whose track records are constantly maintained. Being a reputed exporter our products are extensively checked for quality assurance by our team of experienced quality controllers, including the testing for gripping power and resistance to thermal expansion. We believe in catering our customers with flawless products, which are exceptional in the finish and dimensional accuracy.

We at Sutlej Rubber Factory always believe in producing rubber products with high technological values. Our final products are tested for their potency, reliability, and rigidity. The products are tested and tried before they are sent to the markets. That is how quality assurance of the company is the strongest feature of the company. Latest technologies and tools are used to update the product quality. The keenness to provide our customers with perfect qualities is our main focus.

Quality Standards & Certifications

We are proud to own reputed certifications of ISI, ISO, and E-MARK. The raw materials, machinery, and production processes are complying with the standard quality norms. Our talented professionals are monitoring the manufacturing process to bring out the superior quality products. Defect-free end products are our goal through implementation of the quality standards. The production and processes are time to time audited by the certification authorities.

Quality Objectives

The company has a well-formulated quality objectives and guiding principles. These objectives are fulfilled by adhering to the set quality norms. The quality norms at SRF Tires also comprise continuous process of improvement, training of the employees, and well-managed quality management systems like below:

  • Timely product development and delivery
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Implementing improvements in the production process
  • Monitoring product quality
  • Prevention of defects to achieve maximum precision in production
  • Development of human resources

The controllers of the quality at SRF Tires are the chosen professionals in Jalandhar who are rich in experience and technical know-how.

Quality Testing | Tyre Testing

Our quality control and tyre testing section has a complete range of testing equipment and technologies. Some of our efficient testing tools are as below:

  • Equipment to test load speed and endurance
  • Tensile testing tools
  • Tyre run out testing
  • Plunger testing
  • Balancing machine
  • Torsion testing

A host of other tools and techniques are also employed at the quality lab of the SRF Tires. Every order is executed with a belief that customer satisfaction is our asset. Hence, we have established strong in-process quality controls and testing of the final product. The same quality assurance gives our clients an experience of our commitment and excellence.