Sutlej Rubber Factory is a sophisticated modern manufacturing unit loaded with high capacity machines for a smooth running of the production process. Our quality control unit is equipped with the latest technology machines and engaged in following stringent measures of quality control for meeting the industry standards. Our warehouse is spacious and is divided into various sections for storing a different range of products properly along with handling bulk orders conveniently. We have a large transportation network for meeting with the timely delivery of orders.

SRF tyres are wholly manufactured in Jalandhar, Punjab at the fully equipped production site. The large production facility is smoothly functioning even for the bulk orders. Our large infrastructure help us to fulfil orders in time with same quality precision. Latest machines and bulk orders at the product unit enable us to keep our costs low. Ultimately, this helps us to give our customers an affordable range of prices.

Started in 1998, the most equipped production site is laced with the state of the art manufacturing facilities. Our full capacity production facility comprises following individual department to ensure precise functioning of each component of the company:

  • Manufacturing unit with cutting edge tools and machineries
  • Quality control and research facilities
  • Quality check of each product before it is ready to be delivered
  • Incorporation of new techniques in the manufacturing process
  • Spacious warehouse for systematic storing of the bulk orders
  • A dedicated team of warehouse personnel, quality controllers, technicians and engineers for co-ordinate operations

Sutlej Rubber Factory in Jalandhar is a leading brand since 1998. Our industrial unit is spread over vast area to manufacture hi-tech tyres. The highly skilled manpower is running several machines in our production plant. We meet quality standards for each and every batch of our production. The products are complying with the quality standards like ISO, ISI, and EMARK. Our strong infrastructure jointly produces outstanding quality rubber tyres that ensure complete reliability on the roads during a move.

Innovative Manufacturing Technology

At our industrial premise in Jalandhar, our core competency is the research and development division. It is one of the company’s main strongholds. Our managerial team is investing handsome proportion in research and development. We understand the importance of innovation in a technology-drive industry like us. Innovative approach of our engineers is a key to success. An infrastructure with innovation can only enable a company to compete in the rapidly evolving global market. Technology trends are changing now and then. To remain on top in such vibrant scenario is always our vision. However, our main objective remains customer’s satisfaction. We focus on quality not only in terms of innovations in manufacturing but also in delivering products.

Our tyre manufacturing company works for achieving 100% customer satisfaction at all the stages of production, marketing, and sale. Our infrastructure is highly technological where the engineers get the perfect environment to create innovative designs of new compounds and materials. Each and every tyre developed and manufactured at our premises go through strict quality controls. What our client get in their hand is the best performance and strong hold on the roads. Overall, the Sutlej Rubber Factory infrastructure is just made to meet the quality standards and to deliver premium products on-time.